Data Recovery Services

Do it yourself data recovery. Retrieve your data from a failed hard disk drive by yourself.

Recover your own data by yourself at your time with a cost effective solution. You will be able to control what is recovered and at what price.


How to recover data on your own.


In what circumstances you want try data recovery by yourself?

. File deletion.


. Accidental reformat hard drive media.


. Overwritten data on disk drive media.


. Corrupt partition of Operating system files.


. Overwritten data on disk drive media.


. Bad sectors errors. (on certain conditions)



When your hard disk drive failed, and you cannot get the operating system to come up, and you are in need of getting your data off the disk drive, you may be able do the retrieval of the data by yourself.


The main thing is to know what data recovery software or program to run on the hard disk. Each data recovery program works differently for different type of issues.


For deletion issues, it all depends on what type of deletion on the drive. Some data recovery software does not work for delete files.



For anything else, there are several data recovery programs that are good to recover data, and the price is not bad for you to do it yourself.



Pros and cons of running data recovery software for issues cited above.

Depending on your hard drive state, certain data recovery software can render the hard disk worst than it was before you ran the software.


Certain data recovery programs run an extensive scan on the drive before you can actually see any data or recovery any data.


Getdataback is an extensive recovery software. It might take you 3 to 4 hours of scan on your hard disk to finally see some data to recover.


As you are doing it yourself, if your hard drive is laboring through the scans, and you are getting a lot of bad sectors messages, it may be time to stop the scan and get a data recovery professional to do the recovery for you.


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Word of caution:

Data recovery is best left for data recovery professionals. Do it yourself data recovery may be cheaper to do on your own, but in everything, there is a risk.


How much you want to risk it depends on you. Running extensive scans on a failing hard disk may destroy the data if proper evaluation is not done on the hard drive.


When a hard drive fails, many issues may be at fault. It is hard for a regular user to understand what is going wrong with the drive without proper knowledge and tools in the data recovery field.


We have seen many clients tried data recovery themselves and ended up with crash hard disk that made the data impossible to recover.


What you should never do when you do it yourself :

Never leave a data recovery program runs on your failed hard disk drive unattended. You will need to monitor the behavior of the hard drive at any time.


If, while you are scanning the disk hard drive, you hear abnomal noise on the drive, do not contiue with the scan.


If your hard drive is clicking, never run data recovery software on it. Get data recovery professional to take a look at it.



If you have a raid system that crashed, you might need data recovery services before you do anything. We have seen many network support techs initialized or reinstall disk drive array.


If you do not know anything about the raid setup you have, it is best you call DataMedia Recovery Services. You will save time, money, data and headache.


If you want us to recover the data for, our price is comphensive and fair. Our data retrieval reps will give a price range that is affordable.


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