Hard Drive Recovery Customer Services

(FREE evaluation, no-obligation quote)

We provide a FREE evaluation on all disk drives that

on average takes 24 hours.

The diagnostic will take no more than 48 hours to

complete on failed hard drive media.

We will provide a firm quote that is based

on the issue and the resources needed

to recover data on failed hard drive.


Level I data recovery

services are for disks that suffers

from bad sectors,

logical issues, bad partitions.


Level II data recovery

services are for mechanical issues such as

dropped disk, clicking disk, bad firmware.


Level III data recovery

services are for all raid servers issues.


(Standard, economical, expedite recovery service)

We offer expedite data recovery when all possible.

It is same day service or 48 hours.

Our expedite or emergency data recovery services are

for companies that require fast hard disk recovery service.

The emergency service for disk raid recovery can

be for any day of the week.

Get emergency raid recovery.


We provide standard data recovery service that can take

3 to 5 business days.

Some cases will take more time to recover

depending on available

resources, size of disk, and the issue.


Our economical data recovery services can take as much

as 10 business days to recovery.

Call us @ 203-514-0423


Hard Disk Drive Recovery Services in Connecticut

(Recover all types of hard disk recovery issues)

Imminent hard drive disk crash? We have the best solution.

We have recovered data on hard disk that reboot

over and over. Formatted hard drives.

We retrieved and do data recovery on broken hard drive; deletions.

Hard drives that makes weird sound, or hard drives that are dead.

No spin, no noise, nothing.


We provide crash hard drive solution for any failed disk drive.


Recover data off hard drives with electrical shock,

bad board, broken hard drive pcb pins.

We will do hard drive repair when all possible.



Smartphone users can text us @ 203-514-0423


Get the best data recovery price range.


(How our data recovery service works)


Fill the ticket by providing information about disk and self.


Send hard disk with a copy of ticket (print 2, keep one for record)

24 to 48 hours for disk evaluation and firm quote.


Data recovery starts after approval and payment info provided.

Data recovery price does not include media to put recovered data,

unless it is stated by rep that it is included in recovery price.


External hard drive to put data can be provided by client

or one can be purchased from us

at a reasonable price.

We have on stock 500GB hard drive, 1TB Seagate hard drive

and Western Digital externals hard drive on sale.

We also have 4GB hard drive, 8GB, 16GB flash disk on sale

for data is less than 16GB hard drive.


If you need disk raid recovery expedite service. We can provide

drive raid recovery services within 24 hours of failure.

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